An Interview with Aisha Tiffany 

How long have you been doing makeup?
“I got started in makeup back in 1998 after I was involved in a really bad car accident that left my face scarred. I sought out many brands and products to possibly cover the scar and realized that my covering of the scar uncovered my love for makeup. 
We love your service and portfolio. Can you tell me what sets you apart from other makeup artist?
“Honestly what sets me apart is passion for the craft of artistry. I am an artist who does makeup. My clients are canvasses and I have been gifted to enhance the canvas. All of my clients receive special care when makeup or aesthetic services are being performed on them. I don’t take my skills or clients for granted. I consider it a blessing to be able to serve people on their special days and I know that I have been uniquely gifted to do so. Since this is a gift I spend time investing in training's and education all year round so that I can provide my clients with the best.  Take a look at what some of my other clients are saying

What type of makeup do you use?
“I use what works for the occasion. I am not the artist who uses one brand of makeup. There are many types of makeup companies ranging from low end to high end. My kit is compiled of them all. From airbrush to theater to every day, I use what works best for the client. “

Are you licensed?“
Yes I am a licensed aesthetician.  This means I specialize in skincare and knowing what work for the skin. I have been professionally trained on how to recognize and correct skin conditions and concerns clients may have. This also means that I have been trained in keeping a properly sanitized makeup kit to avoid contamination and bacteria. I have also taken classes in makeup by some of the industries most sought after makeup artist such as Sam Fine,Danessa Myricks, Monifa Mortis, and Orlando Santiago.

What type of clients do you service?
“I am able to service the everyday career person male or female,Brides and Bridal Parties, Celebrities, public officials to those needing theatrical makeup for productions. My brushes go where the clients are and need me.

How do you handle weddings and do you do more than one on my day?
Depending on the size of the wedding party it will be myself,an assistant and 1-3 other makeup artist. This will ensure that your services are done in a timely and organized manner. We do not believe in the wedding being late because of the makeup artist , so we strive to ensure that your services are completed so that you and your bridal party can get on with the festivities.  As  a team we have the capability of servicing multiple weddings booked on the same day with the same level of excellence and professionalism.  

What is your price range?
For pricing and service offerings please see .

Why hire a makeup artist?“
There are several advantages to hiring a MUA for your special day. Photographers agree across the board that a trained and skilled artist helps create a polished look that will complement the style of your dress and your personal taste. Professional makeup artist understand how things like lighting and photography affect your makeup and will choose products that are enhancing to your beauty. Also they help eliminate stress because you may be too nervous to apply your own makeup. And hey its YOUR special day, why not get pampered! “

I’m ready to book what’s next? 
Visit, fill out the information and I will contact you within 24-48 hrs. 

Over the years and in this industry there is one thing she’s found that holds consistent:
“True Artistry shows the naked truth. It transforms and evolves. To the true Makeup Artist, its more than another face, it’s a canvas for the world to see.I am a Makeup Artist!! I love the craft, I love the beauty and I love the art”

 I am Aisha Tiffany.
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